hahaha yes it is a referral link... it gives me "food" for everyone that clicks it... props to u for seeing that but click the referral link anyway lol
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Least you could do is be honest about the referrel link to start with.

i thought the separate and individual letters strung together forming the word "refer" in the link was sufficient enough for most people to figure out but obviously not your intelligence or intellect was up to par...let me know if i'm still a little above your head

and for everyone else....that guy is a douche
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and for everyone else....that guy is a douche

No he isn't

What's this game about?

Explain it to me and if it sounds good I'll give it a go.
in the game u land on earth, its an entire map of the globe and pick where u want to begin. then u have to gather resources like food, metal, and oil to build new things such as vehicles, troops, satellites and such. everything is upgradeable. you can conquer people by atttacking and winning then u get 10% of their resources. it is a slower paced game unless u choose a world that has double time (like mars or earth6). it doesnt reset until one alliance collects all 10 relics and holds them for 3 days