Ok, got my first Guitar just recently with a floyd Rose system. JS1000 (Been a Les Paul man too long) I want to down tune a whole step from standard tunning. Love that chunky Zakk tone. But having allot of trouble with it. FR system lays way back now and almost has the strings touching the neck. I adjust one string and the rest fall way out of range, try to ease all of them more equally and still can't seem to get DGCFAD. Any help from you guru's of the tremolo system would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
loosen the springs in the back until the floyd is level with the body
just keep tuning and youll get it
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I'm glad this thread was made. I was planning on getting a new guitar but i was avoiding every guitar that had a floyd rose on it because i heard of the tuning problem with it. now i know. thank you
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Thanks COB, thanks Steven. Yeah I finally got it after an hour or so. My Les Paul it took me 3 mins. I have put the JS1000 back to standard tunning and will keep my Les Paul only for down tunning.
that's what I do. I got my soloist in standard and my string thru body guitar down tuned. It's just not worth down tuning a floyd rose.
Just use some 12's or 13's and adjust the springs on the back, sure it takes more time to tune and set, but for me, its well worth it