Hey guys, I recently acquired this Dean. The guy I got it from says it was from a special run done in 88 or so. I cant find anything at all online about it, so I thought maybe someone on here has seen one of these before and could shed some light on it for me. The artwork is tagged "Pristovnik '88" and is said to be as it came from the factory.
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That's awesome, it was probably a one-off made for NAMM or some other show.

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That's the main problem with dean. Within a few years there is no information about specials or limited runs. I can't find another Icon that looks like mine either. There web site usually isn't much help. Great guitars though hope you enjoy.
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I tried to contact Dean, but never received a reply. I even went as far as to track down the artist and I emailed him and have heard nothing yet. As far as sound, its great, no issues there whatsoever. Id just like to find out a little of the history and maybe value of it.
In the 80's every company (excluding most of Gibson) made superstrats like that, they made a production model.