i want my guitar set up for drop c tuning. will the guitar center do this for you and does it cost if it does? or is it easy enough for me to do it?
get bigger strings, intonation wont be too big a deal. you should learn how to do it yourself though
Wow. If you go there and ask that, they will send you out the door. Use a tuner and tune it yourself!
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errr... best way is to just tune it yourself.

all you need to do is tune down your low E string two full steps and the rest down one full step. I would never suggest someone take their guitar to a store to simply tune it.

this should help you with the precise tunings

i know how to tune it im not that dumb. the guy at the guitar center said if i get big strings i have to have it set up a certain way or it would break or something.
If your doing a low tuning like drop c, you probably would be ok with heavier strings, if yu ge heavier strings and tune your guitar regularly, dependingon the guitar it could damage it.
well see you don't have to your strings "set up a special way". all you do is put on some 10-56 gauge strings, or whatever the numbers are, down tune your low E string two steps down to C, and the other strings down only one step down. i use a slightly different pattern (custom tuning) and i also don't even use heavy strings. i use extra light gauge (.008-.38) and i haven't had any problems. if you're experienced at changing strings and putting them on correctly, you can use any gauge you want.
ok well i found out what i was needing its the intonation i need to change