Hi, I have been wanting to start a some what of a hardcore/metal core band, some what like Bane, The Warriors, Champion, Carry On. What I need to know is what goes into a hardcore song. What is the basic structure. How to write compose music for song. Also some tips on the best gear would be great. Thanks
simple, fast riffs like what as i lay dying uses
and bad ass breakdowns at least once a song
pretty much no solos ever.
blast beats on drums...
but you have to be able to hardcore dance to the songs
That actually sums it up. You should use fast riffs that you can strech and find variations of but are also danceable.
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Tune to drop C and ride the open C to chug, C and G together for a thicker crunch, and then make a melody in C minor to go above that. Harmonize the melody in thirds, keep it modal. Have an intro riff, then do verse, chorus, verse, chorus, breakdown, chorus for the basic song structure. As for gear, basically get high output pickups (EMG 81-85 combo works well), a high gain amp (Krank if you have insane amounts of money), a Maxon OD808 overdrive pedal for distortion, and whatever guitar you feel comfortable with, although Fenders tend to not get the best tone for what you are looking for. That's a basic rundown, you want more specifics or advanced stuff then feel free to pm me.
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