video: playing was pretty good, but everything was really distorted. i like your singer. the bass playing wasn't really the most exciting thing i've ever heard. it needs to be turned down. the drums guitar and vocals were completely overpowered. i think if you get this recorded well it will sound really great.

recording: excellent job. this sounds really proffesional. now the bass could come up a bit. guitar tone was really good. i like your singers voice. great job.

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I think the only reason the bass is so loud in the video is because the girl recording it was standing right infront of me and my amp.

thanks for your opinion on our stuff! means alot
sounds pretty cool
the singer sounds really really good. nice voice
the guitars sound good. you could probly get a little bit more out of you mixes.

the bass needs to go up and the kick drum is taking over the low end

crit mine?
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Its so well put together! The vocals and mixing sound great! And the song is fantastic, two thumbs up guys.
Vocals are amazing. Really nice voice on him. Really catchy song too (always a good sign!). I like how the guitar isn't playing all the time (nice tone as well), it really gives the song a bit more space. Bass could do with cranking a wee bit. Can't hear it too well.

It doesn't sound too typical if you know what I mean. ie Interesting chord progression and melodies. Definetly adding you guys on myspace. Started listening to the other stuff. Pretty sweet as well.

f you wouldn't mind taking a wee minute to Crit my song "Air - The Final Cut" in my profile that'd be great. Cheers.
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