i'm not gonna kill my mum

i was contemplating killing my mum
spilling her brains out, her head clean off
with this sawn off shotgun
that i possess, and then to address the situation
of local legalities
i'd put her in
a plastic bin
liner of course
so it wouldnt float.

because if it did float
then the boats, and the liners
round the coasts of this isle
would see the thing
the whole ****ing thing
and they could bloody well be
bringing me in.

now i wouldnt want that now, would i?
you would have to be pretty stupid
mentally insane, suicidal, in fact, to do that
which, i dont think i am, exactly
im actually more relaxed than you think
it'd usually be the last ****ing thing on my mind
to kill my mum
because i love my mum to bits
even though, at times, it dosent seem like it.
You should write for Cannibal Corpse
On the Subject of Hitlers resemblance to Emos

Originally Posted by Muphin
No. Emos can't grow facial hair, not to mention their inability to invade Poland