So umm, I just wrote a new song. I started it at 3 in the morning so I'm sure it's not perfect. It's called Knocked Down and well, here it is:

Knocked down, verse 1
to the ground,
and you're never coming back again.

Stay down,
'till you've found,
that the loss is just another gain.

Another story. prechorus 1
Another ending.
Seems it never ends.
Just don't feel sorry,
and stop pretending.
Don't know what you've meant I guess,
I'll try to understand.
I don't care chorus
what you said.
Don't just try to hang your head.
You'll probably try,
in the end.
But it will be better then.

Silhouettes, verse 2
in my head,
and they're telling me to never fade.

that you wish,
that you had nevever made.

Look at the illusions. prechorus 2
Full of confusions.
All this problems that I've caused.
Well look at this highway.
Just having a bad day.
I guess this is the life you chose.

(Repeat Chorus)

This is not what I it'd be, break 1
it's harder than I thought.
And life just tries to keep up with me,
she'll know the lies I've bought.
And all this dreams that I have had,
I''m maybe going mad.
There's nothing else that I can't take.
Just improvise and fake.
And I will go on.
Learn from your mistakes, break 2
and you'll never need corrections.
Try to risk your stakes,
but you'll never reach perfection.

(Repeat chorus twice)

(Repeat break while playing chorus)

So uh, what do u think? Please be critical.
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