Just exactly what does this mean?

I have always wondered what the (4/5) means, for example...
Motley Crue - "Too young To Fall In Love" (version 3)


Does it mean that you hold that note/chord or what? I have heard that it means that it is a ghost chord, but what does that mean exacly? You can see in the above example that the 4/5 was just played so what is the deal?... humm. Does it mean that you hold that chord and let it ring out? I could just guess all night but it won't do me any good.

Can somene please explain it to me as if I was in 1st grade?

Much thanks to all.
Ghost notes i think, which is basically a note or notes that are played quickly and are barely noticeable when played during the song/riff whatever.
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Or it can mean that you should let it ring a little before playing the next note.
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So now I amreally confused... Do I play harmonic there, let it ring, or play a not that is only slightly noticable?

And how would you play a note that is barely noticable when I just played the same note(s) right before it?

My head is starting to hurt.