Ok guys so I came across a Marshall Avt 150h half stack with the cab and footswitch everything seems to be in working order and was wanting to know if its a good deal and what I should look for in terms of wear and tear and abuse ohh yeah its only 350 bucks at a pawn shop the guy doesn't know much about it he thinks it has 2 12" in it witch is fine with me if he wants to think that just lowers the price for me and I play metal like thrash and bluesy style leads I know it may mess up it being used but how much would it cost to fix thanks for reading guys
I would strongly advice you against getting that. I know the words "Marshall halfstack" seems to have an almost hypnotic effect on people. However, the AVTs are solid state (that one little tube in the preamp makes little difference), and they do not sound good. People think the name Marshall on an amp means great quality, but Marshall seems to focus a lot on making bad amps these days.

Buying used isn't necessarily a bad idea, but buying a crap amp is.