mid up with treb right below it and bass down for lead
treb up with bass right below it and mid down for rythem
but that's just me
try to keep all your knobs above 5. I personally like mids at 8, treble at 6, and bass at 7
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your cube doens't sound good in r-fier mode?

mine sounds pretty good to me, although it's just a moddeling amp, not a tube amp. you can't except it to sound like metallica or whatever

this is mine (o'clock):
gain: 2
bass: 11
middle: 2
trebble: 3
presence: 1

edit: i heard you "happy birthday" clip and yeah it's very fizzy. roll down the trebble and add mids and bass. maybe th presence down a bit too
just mess with it
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The Cube should sound okay on it's own - if you stick your FX pedal in front of it and try to use it on any of the amp models then it WILL sound like ass.

Besides, how hard is it to use your ears when fiddling with the EQ? Turn knob, listen to sound...sound bad, move knob, sound nice, leave knob where it is.
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I always like my EQ to be backed off quite a bit

Usualy 4 on everything with my mids up a tad more 5-6
here's what I do when setting eq. first your want to decide just how loud you want ur amp. then add bass until the lowest notes start to become muddy. lower bass just enough do the lowest notes are clear and distinguishable. add tremble to desired brightness. the treble will really make your sound feel like there's more attack. last of all, add mid to fill the sound up. its what really makes your guitar noticable in the mix so you want to keep this above 40% no matter what sound you want or how loud you are. you wont have to adjust mids around too much. just keep them around noon and youll be fine.

if yourr getting alot of noise out of your amp it might be because youre me50 is too close to your amp. i use the me50 everyday and movingit farther away and not directly in te path of your speaker helps so much.