I'm not sure if people will understand this and thats why I'm not sure if I should post this. I wrote this up earlier this morning. I will probably add some ways to use these scales in your playing and how to create other patterns (harmonic minor for example) by yourself. This is all I have so far. Thanks for checking it out.

4 note per string just means that as you ascend or descend through a scale you use 4 notes on each string.

I'll be showing you the repeating patterns for these because it means you need to memorise less.

C Phrygian       

This is an example of a 4 note per string scale and it shows all the unique patterns within 4nps scales.

You need to play this and take note of the shapes that occur on each string, by just reading this you may not understand fully.

There are only 4 unique shapes in 4 note per string patterns on a single string and they are:

(x)  (x)  (x)(x)   = C
(x)  (x)(x)  (x)   = X
(x)(x)  (x)  (x)   = O
(x)  (x)  (x)  (x) = Y

The way these stack up diagonally on each other they go in this order:

C C X X O O Y (Loop) C C X X O O Y (etc)

Major		C, C, X, X, O, O

Dorian		X, X, O, O, Y, C

Phrygian	O, O, Y, C, C, X

Lydian		Y, C, C, X, X, O

Mixolydian	C, X, X, O, O, Y

Minor		X, O, O, Y, C, C

Locrian		O, Y, C, C, X, X

Dorian Pattern Tab (X, X, O, O, Y, C)

Dorian Pattern Picture
                          (x)  (x)  (x)(x)
                     (x)  (x)  (x)  (x)
               (x)(x)  (x)  (x)
          (x)(x)  (x)  (x)
     (x)  (x)(x)  (x)
(x)  (x)(x)  (x)

Eg. A Major (C, C, X, X, O, O)

      C        C         X           X           O            O