My eleven year old. He plays classic rock like ac/cd, bon jovi, lynnard skynnard, as well as green day, all american rejects, and some contemporary Christian rock, etc. I posted on the accessories forum that I was going to get him a gibson special faded sg and got almost unanimous negative feedback about it. He is playing very well. I was suggested Ibannez by a couple folks. Taking him to the GC to play soem more and wanted suggestions before I go. Would like to stay under $600 if possible. He currently plays a fender squire strat. You know how it is when you are 11 yrs old, your next guitar you want a different look. Thank you in advance..
Nothing wrong with an SG. I'd go for an Epiphone myself for an 11-year old, but your choice. Generally speaking, Ibanez are more for metal and shred; Fender-Gibson (and subsidiaries) would seem to be the way to go for you.
Hmm. I dunno, I wouldnt go for Ibanez if he's playing classic. Fenders good stuff,but that gibson faded sg would be fine for an 11 year old. Truthfully, I don't really think its that bad of a guitar.
I agree with above....Ibanez is probably not the best choice.

I am not thrilled with the Gibson Faded series. Still seems a bit overpriced for a barebones Gibson. Epiphone Les Paul would be my suggestion. Guitar center carries the Epiphone LP Standard Plus (with flamed maple top), during the holidays. I dont believe they carry these outside the holidays in store. You will see mounds of boxes stacked everywhere. These run $500-$550.

I like the LP for the tone and playability. Some will suggest the SG, however I think the LP is more versitile.

Guitar Center only cares about sales and you can easily negotiate a 10% discount if you were to purchase some small accessories. Just ask if there are going to be additional sales closer to Xmas, and they will automatically try to bring the price down to get you a guitar out the door that day.
for the responses so far. The LP seemed a bit heavy to me? Is that not the case, or do you not anticipate it being a problem?
I'd also probably stay away from a guitar with a floyd rose tremelo system.
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Quote by JLT73
I'd also probably stay away from a guitar with a floyd rose tremelo system.

You lost me here. I am totally clueless on this. Just A Dad trying to support a son's passion.
The Floyd Rose Tremolo system is a floating bridge (whammy bar). Its very difficult to tune and comes standard on many Ibanez guitars. (I think thats why he suggested to stay away.)
EDIT: The Strat does not have this. Most guitars you are going to be lookin at would probably be a fixed bridge (no whammy).

By no means am I an expert on guitars, but I prefer the heft of an LP for the tone. I also like the Shecter Tempest Custom. This is comparable to any LP style guitar, however it is not as thick in tone and is lighter. I personally like Schecters, however many people would automatically assume that its a guitar for Metal. The stock humbuckers that come with it are the Duncan Designed (not actual Seymour Duncan) JB / Jazz combination which is one of the most common pickup pairs. It is a very versitile guitar and easy to play.