I was wondering if I did this model...would it work?

Guitar > Boss DS-1 > Mixer > Power Amp > Crate cabinet

I wanna know if that would be possible mayhaps?

And would it sound better/worse.

I have a UB1832FX Behringer Mixer, American Audio VLP300 Power amp, Fender deluxe players stratocaster, some pedals, and I'm looking at buyin a halfstack, but I thought, maybe if I diidn't have a head, I could buy a good cabinet instead of a cheapo head + cabinet.

Help would be very much appreciated.
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Not if you want it to sound anything other than crap...you still need a preamp in there.
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Why not just look around for a used Crate Powerblock? It's SS, cheap, and small, but takes pedals well and works as a reliable poweramp.

Feeding a DS-1 into a mixer is going to sound thin and buzzy. Not a good idea.
I think I might pick up a seymour duncan twin tube classic preamp, anybody have experiance with them?
John Petrucci

The one and only god.