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yes i will, i will rock!!!!!
92 36%
i will try but may not be good enough
56 22%
it would be nice but i'm aiming for something normal(something you can definately get)
97 38%
i want to be something else where its hard to be famous (eg footballer/soccer if your from USA)
8 3%
Voters: 253.
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so, how many people here actually plan on becoming famous musicians. i personally want to be a doctor, something i know i can achieve, but being a musician and getting paid would be awesome. so i wondered how many people think they can make it???

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I think the TS will know what to do next

Time will tell.

Need a band first and a hell of a lot more practice!

Not really that bothered about the fame but if I could make a decent living out of music I'd be very happy.
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I WILL be famous, but for good reasons, I'd love to get a band off the ground, but I also love writing and getting work published is another dream, I also want to go into journalism, being a famous journo would own.

But being the king of metal would kick bollocks for all eternity.
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Hmmmm, i still havent decided on if i want to be a guitarist in a famous band or a policeman.
It's probably gonna be a side thing for me. I don't really want to be famous in that sense, but rather for a change in the world.

Aside from that, I'll be rippin t3h shr3dz0rs at a bar near you
Of course I will be.

I've got a record deal, loads of material, determination and perseverance, a new genre, an original image and musical skills.
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What about the "No, because that ends up fcking your life and leads to a really shallow life" answer?

I'm aiming to be a capitalist bastard and own the world. If that doesn't make me famous, then I guess I'll have to resort to being a guitarist
I have no plan to become famous with music. Becoming famous doesn't really fit into my life plan.
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"Famous" is a tricky word". I mean, for a musician - is this your town knowing you? Your highschool? Your sort of, couple-hours'-drive area? Your country? Do they talk about you at the UN? What kind of famous?

Further what kind of people know you? Only freaks that listen to your particular brand of this-or-that? Just musicians? Just university kids? What kind of people?

Further: what about all the sorts of ways one could become famous without being a musician? Not just sports - hell, you can become famous in academia, albeit not among high school guitarists or blue-collar drunkards.

So: I'll probably end up reasonably well known, among some or another group of people, big or small. What people, I don't know, and why, I don't know either, but somebody.

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its easier to be famous at sports then music.
Yes and no. The thing about music is it's a reasonably continuous climb - there's all kinds of "levels of famousness" you can achieve as a musician. This is somewhat true for sports, but much less so.
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Well I'm gonna play music for a living, and whether or not I get famous out of it I'll be content, but to be famous would be f'n awesome!
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I'm too good looking not to be famous.
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I'm going to try, Rhianna did it here so I figure if I try really hard or get really lucky I could make it but even if I'm only known on this island/region I wouldn't mind either.
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I will become famous like Tenacious D is famous.

You know.
bree bree look how fucking metal i am
I'm not really aiming for something "normal," but choice 3 was the most accurate. I'd rather do something with writing and/or drawingl my top choices are cartoonist (very hard to get into these days ) and comedy writer of some sort, mainly TV (but I don't want to be a sell-out, which does indeed happen in the writer's world)
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If not all of us, at least him.

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It would be nice, yes.
But i know it won't happen.

Whoa, cynical.

CYNIC ALERT lolololololololol
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myabe we all suck thats why were sitting at a computer desk talking **** thro the enternet lol

If not all of us, at least him.

I'll be famous one day. Although, chances are it wont be for music. I'm planning to discover new theories in physics, and/or revolutionize the design and propulsion systems for space and terrestrial aircrafts.
Becoming a famous musician/writer/artist is my life's goal. Chances have nothing to do with it.
We're only strays.
Or maybe someone just doesn't want to be famous?

I'm going to teach. Either that or law, I couldn't care less about fame.
I'm going to start a pop group with irresistibly catchy hooks. I am also going to star in several movies, all of which will take the box office by storm but realistically be shallow and unenjoyable to the intelligent movie aficionado. I will then run for President of the United States and use my fame as a booster seat to the table that is power. From there, I will take the reins and run this bitch the way I want to.
So yes.

EDIT: Seriously though, I just want to teach Spanish and/or Portuguese and settle down somewhere pleasant so I can have a family. Yeah ya know, it's great to think of being a professional musician who gets to tour the world sharing his music with people from all over the damn place, but at the end of the day I know I won't be satisfied with my life unless I've settled down, started a family, and begun teaching high school foreign language classes. It's a simple dream, but I'd be a lot happier down that road than I would be as a famous musician.
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I want to be a writer and director of films.
Listen to mah discs.


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I'd love to be a professional musician, or at least a professional writer of some sort.

Honestly I'd say "Yes" but I'd feel like an asshole.
I'd like to be Dethklok famous. But without being all metal and stuff.

Honestly, though, I dunno. I do want to be successful as a musician, get genuine fans and such, but to become really "famous", like tabloid-level famous, would suck. Just to have the opportunity to play with the greats is my wish.

oh, and to make money and crap. So I can get good gear and stuff.
I plan on being famous. I haven't dedicated 8+ years of playing music for nothing. I live for playing, and there's nothing like performing in front of an audience, regardless of size.
I'm aiming for something normal although it would be nice.
BURGER FLIPPER FTW! I'm probably not going to make it in music, and have to settle for a normal job
I highly doubt it, and it doesn't bother me. I just play music for personal enjoyment, so becoming famous for it really isn't necessary for me.
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Most probably not. If I ever become famous, it probably won't be because of music.
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I highly, highly doubt it.

The only thing that has ever gotten anyone's attention is my need to wear masks. They think it's a gimmic or something, not realizing I may have been actually damaged on my face before.

Other than that, I don't know.
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