well i plugged in my guitar into my pepman bassline 400 and all the sudden this weird loud noise came up and all of the sudden i hear a buzzing noise. i try playing and the notes still come out, but its all distorted (in a bad way) and the volume is kept really really low, no matter what i do, it stays the same, volume, tone, everything, it refuses to change, anyone know what might have happened? ill be very thankful if i could get an answer

- Micky
Try another cable, that would be the first thing i would check.

then go through a mental checklist, such as things like, has your power gone out recently, has your amp or guitar sustained any damage since you last used it, etc.
probably blew something in your electronics area if its a solid state amp, were you playing really loud for period of time?

edit: also do you have it plugged into a surge protector? if not something may have happened to it.