Ok guys, we should have a Scarified cover contest. I want to participate though so we will need four judges. Say you want to be a judge and I will add you to the list.
List of Judges:

Then of course we need contestants. We will just see how many we can get. You must post your cover by the new year(so you have a chance to use your new gear you got for Christmas/other holidays. You must have a backing track of Scarified running. The one on guitar pro works great. Mute the two guitars though. It can only be played at its original speed(137 b.p.m. I believe)
List Of Contestants:
Sora 01

Have fun guys! Does this seem like a good idea?
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Oh wow... great idea, but only a handful of people can play this well enough!

One of my favourite instrumentals by the way.

EDIT: Can I be a judge? I can't play this but I'm good at criticizing playing.
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Awesome idea.

Put me down as a contestant, I love that song, but I've never gotten round to learning it.

I may not meet the deadline, but I'll try my best too, more of a recording issue than learning the song though, so it may be bad quality.
I'll judge if you need me!
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Oh ****.

Forgot about this, I was busy practicing Altitudes for my performance exam.
I've just got the last string skipping lick to speed up a little and I'll upload, will a video be alright?
I'll enter. I've been working on Scarified lately.

Edit: Just realized, I haven't even learned the entire song yet. I know the main riffs, the arpeggio part, a bit of the alternate picking part after the arpeggios, and the two-hand tapping part. So you'll have to give me some time.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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well i guess ill give this a shot... just need to learn it :p
so whats the deadline since it appears no one is doing this??
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haha once I saw that buckethead_jr was in this I was like ok forget it, gg. I can't alternate pick for crap I can get past the little arpeggio that leads into it, but I can't play that stupid alternate picking part any faster than like 120 bpm grrr. And I haven't even attempted that insane string skipping part hahaha...
I don't have any more time to record it, so here's a quick one.

It's on my profile

EDIT: It's in standard tuning as opposed to down half a step, i hope that's alright, i just couldn't be bothered retuning my ibanez.
Buckethead, you get a 9. Some of that could have been Gilbert himself, and those arpeggios at the end (barring recording quality) sounded like the recorded version. It's not 10 because I think I heard a couple of edits (could be wrong) and the odd cock-up, and you settle nicely into improv at one point as opposed to the actual solo

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I think I heard a couple of edits (could be wrong)

Hmm, no edits, but i think i know what you're talking about.
Had to use the old laptop to record cause my new one doesn't have a firewire port, and it lags very easily.


And improv? It was just the last lick in the solo
Meh, maybe I don't remember the song all that well. I'll change it to 9.5... if you make it worth my while, of course.

Where are the other judges?
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Damn Buckethead_jr that was some pretty damn good stuff! (and it was the 17th fret bend on the b string after the sweeps/string skips that seemed pretty edited to me, well it's a 17th fret bend on the standard tuned tab it may be different on the Eb tuned one)
This seems to be old but I would like to give this a shot of judges are still around.