I'm looking for a cab for my new amp head (new to me, I bought it used). I'm a little weary buying used speakers, and I don't know enough about cabs to figure it out for myself so I'm looking for a little advice.

Should I buy new or are used ok?

- Marshall 1960A Cabinet, 300W with four Celestion G12T-75s. Off craigslist, the guy selling said they were manufactured in 1998 and are in great condition. $350

- Same thing but at Guitar Center (*puke) but the guy said he can swing me a good deal but the list price is $799, but the 12 month financing is a good deal.

I am for sure going to bring my amp head over to try out the used cab, but are there things I should look for? Are buying used speakers safe?


*I've got a Peavey XXX 120W head, with some groove tubes in the preamp to soften the sound a bit.
It really depends on the price and the condition. If it's a good price and it's in good condition, i see no reason not to.
At that price difference, you'd be a sucker to buy it new.
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Yep, used Marshall cabs are everywhere for great bargains. I wouldn't even think about buying a new one. There's not much can be wrong with a cab anyway, the only things are.

It might have ripped vynil a bit - Doesn't affect anything but looks

Or a speaker may be blown which means just don't buy that one and wait to find another one for sale.

Possibly some loose wiring or a faulty jack but marshall cabs are made to good standards and don't really break.

So as long as you test and look at the cab before you buy it you can't go wrong.

I recommend finding one with rips on it because it doesn't affect the sound at all and you will get it cheaper than a nice looking one. That's what I did.

Also stay away from the AVT and MG cabs, they're built from particle board with very poor quality speakers.