I got mine yesterday and I have some questions:

1) How long till the pickups die? lol, I hear they die often

2) If they do die, I have a lifetime warrenty, so will I get a replacement SG?

3) What are good pickups to use that DON'T have batteries lol. In case I don't get a replacement guitar.

i have never heard of pups dying

ergo no new guitar

get GFS ones, i am

that is all
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
If you got the SG with EMG 81/85, then they will die every 8 months or so, depending on usage. But that is the only SG that has active pickups (meaning that they can die.) But if they do die, you have to replace the batteries in the pickups. And make sure to unplug the cable from your guitar when not playing. saves on battery life
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Pickups don't die.

Get new pickups if they do.

There are hundreds of passive pickups.

Quote by rocker931
I was thinking of getting EMG pups. Or maybe DiMarzio.

You realize EMGs are active unless they're the crappy passive series. The actives need batteries.
PUs should not die, just the batts...

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Duncans are great passive pickups, as well as DiMarzios. Depending on what u play, a generally good combo is a DimArzio Vintage PAF and Evo, or a Breed and Evo. A good Duncan combo is a JB and Jazz. Lots of ppl like the JB/Jazz combo, but id go for the DiMarzios for regular rock.
pickups cant really die.

They can get damaged and maybe not work, but not really die, all they are...un a nutshell... is metal wire wound around a magnent...

If your pups all of a sudden loose sound or stop working, its either a bad cable, a disconnected wire, or a cold solder joint...
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EMG passives aren't ****ty man, they are great. Have you heard of alexi laiho?