Im getting a squire fat strat for christmas and I'm getting a peavey backstage 10 watt amp .
Its my first guitar im just starting and dont really know wat a good amp is.
is the peavey backstage amp any good?

please help me!!
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id be more concerned about the squire tbh. there pretty bad imo(and m ost other ppls).

the guitar i was bought was 100quid from sound control, legacy strat model and comes with amp ect and is well worth ther price imo

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not sure if u even neeeeed a good ap to start ive been playin 2 years n i still use a squier 10 watt amp with a ibanez rg 7321/im getting a valveking which is a prety good amp/id say u shud wait for awhile before u get a good amp because 10 watts arent gonna b good n peavey practiec amps dont have a very good sound but niether do alot of otehr starter amps
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Its an ok, amp to start out with, i bought it with my first guitar a few weeks ago and its been good so far for what i wanna do with it.
For starting out, I'd say that's good enough, although you could do better.

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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...
Its just a little practice amp its not going to sound like a marshall stack amp. But is alot easier to carry around.
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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

dont get the squire!!!!
get a epiphone or a cheap ibanez there a hell of alot better then that crappy squire!!!
for a practice amp....get like a 5 watt tube amp or something peavey is pretty good.
Hold on...what kind of music do you plan to play?

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

mostly indie rock
the killers,the strokes,arctic monkeys,the fratelies,franz ferdinand,maybe some greenday
im gettin the squire 'cause my bro has a epiphone sg and i just tink the sound is too deep
i tried my friends basic squire strat and thought it sounded good so with the extra humbucker it should sound even better
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Stop dissing squiers noobs. Affinity Tele/'51 ftw.

Yes. The '51 is one of the best guitars Squier currently produce. And they're cheap as chips on eBay.
The Squier Strat and a Vox AD15VT (or, like Becky said, even a DA5 - which is portable) would be perfect for you. It would give Indie-type sounds, has some effects to play around with to keep you interested and the guitar is really versatile and comfortable. Just pick your favourite colour and away you go
But they aren't even in production any more. >=( I want one though, to paint pink and stick rails of some sort in...

TS, get an affinity tele and a AD15VT, perfect indie sound.
-Is also 15-
Do it. They're fun to mod. I wanted to get new everything for mine. Pickups, controls, bridge, neck, tuners etc. Even a new paint job. Then I sold it to buy a Strat, but stuff came up and I ended up with a £30 beat-up Yamaha

^ A Strat and a Tele give different sounds. Teles are generally used in more indie and country styles, as well as some blues (think Chicago blues) whilst Strats are more 'rock 'n' roll' and blues (like...Texas blues). Teles are known for their twangy sound, whilst Strats are better at...quacky? sounds.
I think you got a really good package. Even though its a small amp the Peavey will sound good in your room. Its tubey enough to let you get a feel for the response of an all tube amp down the road. You'll be fine with the Squier. Enjoy yourself!