ive been playing for about 2 years but i still have trouble leanring songs. i start playing a riff but it takes like 3 days for me to get the hang of it, then if i leave it and come back to it i still cant do it.

anyone got any tips?
What song/how hard is it?
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Just practice - playing for two years doesn't mean anything, it certainly doesn't give you the divine right to suddenly learn things automatically. Chances are your theory knowledge is lacking, get some under your belt and you'll find you learn things quicker thanks to being able to recognise commonly used chord progressions and phrases.
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i've been playing 21 years and I still get that with some songs, just practice the riff slow, if you're screwing it up, practice it even slower, I find if I throw down a tab and put a cd on and try to play it perfect the first time, forget it, also an easy way to discourage yourself. I doubt there are many guitarists that can play ANYTHING they want to.
1) Congratulations on possibly the worst and least original thread title every used.

2) It can be frustrating, but keep practicing and every so often you may experience a sudden 'leap' in your playing. It doesn't happen overnight, but if you keep it up one day you'll realise you've actually got much better without noticing!
The most important thing is to make sure you're enjoying it - that's the reason people play in the first place, and if it feels like it's becoming a chore, ease off a bit. Also, listening is as important as the actual playing, so listen to all your favorite music and start see if you can visualise how to play each particular riff etc. Jamming along to a CD/backing track is one of the best ways of improving, since you 'get into' the song a bit more and feel like you're not just playing alone....