I've been looking everywhere for this song and I'm stumped. Now if anyone can find the tab for this that would be amazing! If not, if anyone could tab this it would be just as amazing. I am having a hard time finding just the mp3 or a video of it but I found a video of him playing Broken at NAMM in 07.


After people hear this they may want to learn this as well. :P

Clearly not for me. My opinion.

- didn't like the sound of the guitar at all
- didn't like the song in general
- way too long, must be boring to learn this crap

His probably good tought.
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stop using UG as a search engine.

I guarantee that google will be 10x more helpfull and loving.
Well, you are entitled to your opinion. And I must admit I don't like the sound of the guitar either. It's the program he's using (yes, he's using a computer program as an amp). If I have a chance ot learn this then I'll try to go for something along the lines of the original off his CD.