Poll: which is best for a guitar with a floyd and under $500?
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View poll results: which is best for a guitar with a floyd and under $500?
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9 43%
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Voters: 21.
i just need to know which is best for a guitar with a floyd rose and under $500

i play thrash and death metal
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Ibanez have the best trems at a budget, I believe some washburns have schallers at a good price too.

But as you seem like you know very little read up some more.
Maybe an ESP H or MH series. Ibanez's have not-too-great Floyds, unless its an S series.
LTDs are the best at low prices in my opinion. If you had more money, I'd go with a high end Ibanez or maybe a Jackson. But LTDs play really well and have Licensed Floyd Roses.
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Its between LTD and Ibanez for me. Although RGs are not included because they have Edge IIIs which are ****e but the S shape ones have decent trems.
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It depends what model guitar you are looking at for those brands. I don't know much about the LFR on the other brands, but like others said, and Ibanez RG will have a crap trem on a sub $500 guitar whereas an S series will come with a ZR which is an excellent trem.

The Ibanez S320EX can be found for $500 before haggling.