Hey well I'm trying to get something cool for myself.
I don't know if I would want a mixing board or what. I already have something to record with (a digitech rp350).

So what should I get? Anybody know of any cool toys out there?

- hotfoot982
Well, why do you want the mixing board? and why do you want the multi-track recorder?

Which do you think you would use more?
I think a mixing board.

I'd really just want something cool even if its not a mixing board.
There's a pretty cool 4-track tape recorder I found recently. The brand's Tascam, check on GC or MusiciansFriend for it.
Pretty vague about why...

I am using an Alexis Firewire mixer with my RP350. But unless you are trying to record some additional sources, or have a band, a mixer would just be dust collecting on a shelf. It won't make your RP350 sound better for playing or recording.