So my boyfriend has this guitar::

I know NOTHING about guitars, including what kind his is. But I know he needs a hard/travel case because he wants to bring it with him when he flies here, but doesn't have a good enough/hard enough case to protect it if he has to check it.

I was CONSIDERING getting him one for christmas. But i really know NOTHING about guitars or what is good quality or anything.

If anyone has any advice, pleaseeeee let me know

that's an Ibanez Talman. You should be able to find a case for it for like 60-70 bucks. If you go to a store, they might be able to help you if you tell them what model it is. As for quality, you'll be able to figure that out when you see the case. Just check the hinges, locks, etc and see that it doesn't look like crap.

Edit: Ibanez Talman TCY10 is the model name.
You could probably find a cheaper off-brand one, but this is the Ibanez one . A couple different online retailers have them, and Guitar Center probably stocks them too.
T!AN, is that case good for travel? I have read some horror stories about cases getting ripped up so I want to make sure that it would be ok for hiim to travel with, especially by AIR
I don't own that exact case, but the one that came with my guitar is very similar. It is really sturdy and would most likely put up with a trip through the hell that is an airport's baggage claim just as well as an any case.

If you get a chance stop by a guitar store and see if you can look at some different cases. It's pretty easy to tell what cases will hold up over time. Just take whatever advice a salesperson gives you with a grain of salt. Too frequently they're not the most trustworthy...