When I try to record a song, when I am playing it, it sounds just fine to me. But when I play it back, it is way to fast and sounds like crap. I have to keep telling my self to play way slower than I think I should for it to sound good. What can I do to make myself slow down?
If you have Guitar Pro, then slow the song down and play along until you can play it painfully slow....
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sometimes when u record the playback is faster than the recording so check for that

what program have you been using?
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learn the song again, but learn every riff slowly and work ur way up to speed

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learn the song again, but learn every riff slowly and work ur way up to speed

Thats not my problem, I play faster than the song should be without thinking about it. And then when I hear myself I think "Did I really play it THAT fast?" But when I am playing it seems like the right speed in my head.

EDIT: Oh never mind. I see how that could work.
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google 'free metranome' believe me, there are pleanty of them
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not to simply repeat everybody else, but getting a metronome is crucial. It will really help with your timing, and soon you will be able to recognize what proper tempo sounds like. Another thing to try is to play along with the music. Plug your ipod or cd player into a set of good speakers, and play along to get a feel for the timing. Hope this helps!