With reference to the thread title, that's what I dont ever want to do.

To avoid that, I got the Dunlop Strap Locks.

I have a Fender Strat, & one this is i dont know how to install these strap locks! im scared that i'd make a mistake & screw up my guitar.

It's not the part where you put the straplock to the guitar strap, but actually screwing the other half into the guitar.

Any help?
just take a screwdriver
and unscrew your old strap buttons
and put in the new ones!
its really not that hard
but you might need some big boy muscles to get the screw in
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yes dude you are going to screw up the whole guitar trying to put in some strap locks!

stop being a pussy, and unscrew the old ones and put in these babies, and do NOT use a power drill
Well first you should take out the strap button to see what kind of screw is in there now. That way you get an idea of what you're dealing with. They should be awfully similar but if the screw is too small put some sawdust and wood glue in the hole and it should fit better.
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like said, sometimes after removing the old screw, the new screw is found to be loose in comparison.

if that's the case, cram as many toothpicks into the screw hole as possible, add glue and screw back in thru the toothpicks to hold the new lock in place.

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This is weird, I just got some of these yesterday and installed them this morning! They work great.

Yeah I was kinda scared of messing up my les paul so my dad wanted to do it for me since he's a construction worker and works with tools and stuff.

I noticed that the Dunlop screw is longer than the original (well for mine, im not sure about the other guitars), so we had to use a power drill to screw it in all the way and its pretty simple after that.

It works perfectly.
Yeah, a power drill isn't going to be a problem if you do it right, so don't be afraid to use one if you know how. Also, whenever possible, I use the old screws, because they're guaranteed to fit in the old hole.
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Far simpler solution:

1. Buy a six pack of Grolsch bottles (the ones with the flip tops).
2. Have a drinky.
3. Take the rubber seals off two of the bottle tops.
4. Fit one onto each of the strap buttons on top of the strap.

Strap won't ever come off on it's own. Job's a good 'un.