I couldnt find a thread on these guys so i thought id blast one out there.

Carcariass pwns hard, Melodic Technical Death metal from France (yes france owns, Gorod, Symbyosis, Gojira, Carcariass and countless more)

anyhoo check these guys out


go to the disco section and listen to a few songs. get on 'Watery Grave' even if only to hear the awesome intro. Every album is genious by these guys btu if youre gonna get any of them it has to be Killing Process.

Sadly these guys are no more now tho.
wow these guys suck, they arent heavy at all
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thank god, my faith in the metal forum is partly restored

Edit: Nvm its a HMSer faith retracted
dude are you on HMS?

I'm pretty sure I remember you being on there...


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yeah man, thats why i said faith retracted its forgone conclusion that we have great taste in teh metulz.

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Decent band, i heard a few riffs that sound similar to older DM bands, death in particular... and the name sounds a bit similar to a band i know of.. hmm who was that again?
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its like a four finger, diminished thingy
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Carcass? lol

how could you have known? this band name is so original.
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its like a four finger, diminished thingy
^umm, whats weird? also unless i had hoofs for hands i doubt anyone could accidentally spell carcariass when trying to spell carcass

Right enough with the carcass crap, especially you guys saying that theyre just calling themselves carcass in a different way. stop being stupid and listen to the music and youll find out if you arent completely thick that they sound nothing like carcass.
their cds are free to d/l on the website btw, well the first 2 although Killing Process is definitely worth the purchase, every song is brilliance
when I first saw the title I thought someone horribly failed at typing Carcass.
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Wow, surprised there's a thread on these guys. I just got Sideral Torment a few weeks back. Cool stuff. Their albums are quite hard to find unfortunately. All of the songs I've heard off of E-xtinction have been excellent too.
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when I first saw the title I thought someone horribly failed at typing Carcass.

Me too.

Now I shall listen.