I've been playing since February of '06 and i'm an intermediate player. Can you suggest some solos or songs to play? I like anything from classical to black metal. Thanks
a couple of the first sols i leart were nothing else matters - Metallica and stairway to heaven - Led Zepplin there simplew enough solos but are really good sounding solos
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Just learn your favorite songs, at least the ones that sound within reach. If it turns out to be too hard for you at this point, the worst you can do is stop and move on to another song, learning the other one when you get better.
"intermediate" for some people means playing yngwie and satriani material, and "intermediate" for others means sloppily playing the intro to thunderstruck.

give us more details. what type of music do you like?
My favorite bands are Dream Theater, Opeth, King Crimson and Pink Floyd.
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Money by Pink Floyd

+1 Also try Comfortably Numb. It's not that difficult, but I wouldn't recommend trying to imitate the tabs 100%. A lot of them go into too much detail, when simpler would be better. If you like progressive music, maybe also try "Limelight" by Rush.
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Oh Rush!!!!

You could try 2112. The solo might be a little tough, but it's a classic blues-rock lick that you should learn.

which one? i'd say the second solo is pretty advanced. that's just me though. unless you just meant the 2112 overture.
^ I meant the awesome one. I've never tried to learn it, but it doesn't seem too bad. It's not Malmsteen or anything.

Okay, after listening to it again, it's hard. And it doesn't contain the classic blues lick I was thinking of. I'll have to figure out what I was thinking of. So perhaps the second solo in 2112 isn't ideal.