I just completely wiped my computer and used the recovery DVD thing so that I could start new. It was getting all slow and congested with crap, plus I think it had a virus that wouldn't go away, so I just started fresh.

I didn't bother making a bunch of backup CDs of all my music on iTunes because I knew that you could just authorize the "new computer" and sync everything from you iPod to the new iTunes library. Right? ...Maybe not.

I just downloaded iTunes and hooked up my iPod to it. I managed to transfer my iTunes purchases from the iPod to the iTunes library, but only the purchases. Meaning, I had a bunch of songs on my old iTunes/my iPod that were from my CDs, CDs borrowed from friends, CDs from the library, and a few from Limewire. All together there were like 800+ songs not purchased from iTunes, and they're on my iPod, but I can't get them from the iPod to the iTunes library because I didn't buy them from greedy iTunes.

What do I do? Is there any way to transfer all of my music on my iPod to my new iTunes library? There's no way in hell that I'm going to download all those 800 songs form Limewire. I didn't even want to get Limewire this time around because I think that's what caused all the problems in the first place and it always gave me viruses because I'm a Limewire noob. And right now I only have like 25 songs on here that were actually bought from the iTunes store. Not good.

Agh. Please help. It's only a small wall of text... No need to run away.

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