Well, heres basically my 1200-1500 word assignment...

For this assignment, you are to “compare and contrast” the same message as it is presented in two different media. In particular, there are three types of messages that are suitable for the assignment--a single advertisement, a scene from a drama or comedy, or a news story. You should select the same (or similar) message from two of these media—books, newspapers, magazines, motion picture, radio, television, or the internet.

Your paper should include the following:
1) Brief descriptions of the media content as presented in each medium.
2) What are the differences in the content of the messages as presented in different media? What things were included or deleted in each message compared to the other.
3) What are the differences in form between these messages? By form, I mean the actual physical representation—things like lighting, layout, editing, sound mixing, the ways in which the message is conveyed to the audience. Use references to the book or lectures to provide basic information on the differences in form between different media.
4) What are the different conditions under which the audience is likely to receive these messages (staring at a billboard is different than reading a newspaper, for example)?
5) Are there differences in the audiences that these messages will reach? Are the audiences likely to respond differently, and if so, how and why?
6) What are the goals of each of these messages (or both of them, if they are the same goals)? Which do you think is more successful in achieving these goals? Why?

I was thinking of doing something musically related; as in taking an ad from my zzounds magazine as compared to the brands site... or something. Idk how well that would work, though.

Maybe i should just do a store's television commercial ads and an ad from a circular. (example, k-mart; target; kroger; etc.)

What do you guys think?


haha, that would be funny to do if there were another ad


maybe seriously that mastercard one...
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