Pretty simple really; I've been thinking of getting THIS, and giving it the usual Squier mods - different tuners, nut, pots, etc.

My issue is, I want to change the pickguard too, but I'm not sure what to order. Most Squiers, I understand, use 8-hole pickguards, while Fender - and apparently this Squier - use 11-hole guards. Normally I'd say fine, and go ahead and get an 11-hole, but I have read on a couple of sites now that Squier's 11-hole pickguards (when they do use them) have slightly different screw positioning to Fender's, and that I might actually be better off getting an 8-hole and simply not screwing it in all of the 11 holes in the body (leaving the pickguard just covering up those remaining holes).

Ideally though I'd like to do this properly, so... anyone got a clue if for sake of argument, a Fender 11-hole pickguard would fit this?

For reference, I was thinking of getting one of the glowguards from AuroraProject.co.uk, so I'll be a bit stuck if I totally mess the order up
that squier is cedar, get an affinity series they're made of alder (I have an affinity it kicks ass)

alder is what fenders are made of.
Body wood makes little difference to me - I've got £2500 guitars made of A Select grade mahogany and some £90 ones made of hacked-up plywood, and I love them all the same Especially since I already have a Fender strat made with alder, I couldn't care less what this one's made of.

Also part of the fun is in seeing how good you can make a **** guitar.
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that squier is cedar, get an affinity series they're made of alder (I have an affinity it kicks ass)

alder is what fenders are made of.

i was sure the affinity series (and the standards!) are made of agathis

I do, however, agree with the threadstarter on the matter of the body wood!
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U can't fit Fender products like Pickguards on Squiers. The holes are different. If u wanna change it that badly, WDMusic.com should be able to mmake u one with the right screw holes.
If you don't care about the type of wood the body is made of, why do you care about the screw hole positions? Just put new screw holes in it, instead of jockying around trying to find a pickguard that fits the ones that are there.
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lmao you judge my mexican strat which owns and you get a squier.. good job being an idiot.
VM Squiers are supposed to be pretty great, you know....
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i am certain that the scratchplate company you mentioned can cut any scratchplate to order and advice you to trace round your existing scratchplatem and screw holes on a piece of paper and send it to them, they can manufacture an exact match to line up for the 11 holes

i hope this helps
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