As the topic says...I was wondering if there is a cheap effects unit or pedal that can create a church organ sound on the guitar? The closest I've gotten was on an $80 Zoom multi-effects pedal, but the effect itself isn't editable.

By the way, cheap means under $150.
used micro POG?
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
umm, try like a digitec RP series

u can get alot of sounds out of it running almost 90 different internal effects out of the RP250

those are good, durable effects processors
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i dont know what to tell you man

the only way ive seen this done was through a efx guitar made using MIDI

you could possibly build a pedal with the Effect

but that sounds really difficult
^^ +1 miggy. POGs are amazing. i really want one! im bidding on a H2O right now to replace my nano clone.

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The digitech gnx3 has a organ sound on it, good luck finding one for $150. I HAVE seen them go that cheap on ebay but usually cost around $200. Maybe the gnx2 has it but I dont know
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I've seen ebow's get some cool organ like tones.
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^ I think you meant a violin-like sound.

+1 to an EHX POG. It might be out of your budget, but it's the best I've found pedal-wise. I was able to pull off chords with the POG without getting those weird, scattering, stray notes. A Roland unit would also be perfect, but due to price it's out of the question.
I use a ring mod effect a lot to can get some super powerful tones that remind me of a church organ. It obviously doesn't really sound like a church organ, but I think it is the kind of sound you're talking about. You might try combinging a nice multi-voice pitch shifter or octive pedal with a ring modulator, you'll have to really fine tune the ring mod though.

you won't likely find a nice multi-voice pitch shifter for under $150, but the ring modulator should be cheap, just buy a used rack effects unit that has it, they often do. You might be able to just add an octive pedal to that and get enough force behind the ring mod, though you can do a lot with it all on it's own too.
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