Ok, here goes. Im looking for a good quality new or used amp for around 400-600 bucks. I listen to mostly heavier music, such as metallica, soilwork, scar symmetry, trivium, etc... but I like to play a variety of music, distorted and clean, not just metal. I have a les paul with EMG active pickups. I once was foolish and Bought a Johnson modeling amp which I absolutey despise...I would rather have an amp that can do 2 or 3 things well than something that tries to do everything half-ass.

What recommendations does the community have? I really dont know a whole lot about quality amps in this price range. Im looking for something with some good chunk and oomph, but I dont need anything that shakes down the walls, while at the same time having a decent clean tone. Picky I know, but is there anything in my pricerange??? I dont gig and I usually play in my room, but I need something that can hold its own during band practice without feedbacking to hell and back. Any suggestions is GREATLY appreciated
Vox Valvetronix series.
roland cube
Crate Palomino
Peavey Valveking
Vox AC series

all are pretty good amps the last 4 are tube amps.
Lyon LI15
Epi Beast
Berhinger V-ampire LX210
Danelectro grilled cheese & t-bone

Peavey 112
Ibanez gsr200

Saving for Bugera 333 $300 / $599 :|

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