Hey, i own the epiphone pierced SG because i loved it when i saw it because it was so different to all my friends guitars.

After having it a while and not really playing it i wondered what i could do to make it sound better than it does (aside from fixing the pickup selector cos it cuts out on my bridge pickup)

I was thinking about changing its humbuckers (cheap hopefuly) but not really sure which to get.

I play all sorts of music styles so it needs to be an all round sort of thing.

Failing that anyone wanna buy one
any budget really (i can save up) and i'm using a marshall avt100
for pickups i would get the seymour duncan sh-2 jazz pick up in the neck and an sh-4 in the bridge. that will give you a fairly wide range of sounds. i wouldn't say that's it's exceptionally good for metal though. if metal is one of your primary genres then i woulld get an emg p/u.

but if you want a good sound, you should have a good amp. i know absolutely nothing about your amp, so if its really nice, ignore what i just said.
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-I'm not gonna list my amp until I get a decent one