Just wanted to let everybody know that after a ton of work, I have just finished my guitar information resource site.


I am hoping that it give everyone a deeper insight into the guitar. There is a guitar and music glossary, articles, including the history of the guitar, and a lot of great sites for the guitarist online. Enjoy!
Michael Ferris
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No, I know. I really would just like to share this with people. I have really worked hard on it. If you visited the site, you would see that it is meant with the best of intentions. I studied the guitar for quite a long time and would like to give others a bit of my knowledge, as well as promote the guitar in general. I have such a love for the guitar and I believe others will feel that, visiting the site. I would appreciate your feedback too. I will be honest. I learned to this whole site building thing at the beginning of October, but see it as a great resource for all musicians, no matter at what level.
Michael Ferris
I like it, man. Kudos!
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