Yeah.. may seem pretty silly.. But really, how heavy (in kilograms) can an acoustic guitar be?

Like, what's the average weight of an acoustic guitar? I kinda' need the numbers to calculate how much money would I spend on shipping to my country...

Thanks in advance
well on something like that it may go by size rather then weight
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So, is that what it will weigh when it's shipped. Is it shipped in some box or anything. I'm really new to this...

EDIT: 1.43 pounds is 0.65 kilograms. Is it that light? or is white falcon119's guitar that heavy?
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Well, all I know is my electric weighs more than my acoustic soo...
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Well, when it's shipped, what container is it placed in? Is it like a heavy box or something?
Depending if the guitar is in a case and how much packing material is used, the box could weigh as much 13.6kg(30 pounds), maybe more.
Are you talking about physical weight or volumetric weight?
If you're using a courier, they probably will charge you by the volumetric weight (50lb / 23Kg) than the physical, cause is much more higher.
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average weight for just a guitar will be between 3 and 5 kilograms depending on if it is an acoustic-electric and what body the guitar is.

as some others have said, a guitar and case packaged for shipping could weigh upwards of 13-18 kilograms.
id guess that my guitar is around 3-5 kilos. i doubt mine weighs 5 kilos though... thats what? 11 pounds? mine is a Art & Lutherie Cedar CW with Q1 electronics.. its a dreadnaught.
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