for this one i need help, im in a band, i need lyrics for my songs, but, one problem, i dnt kno how to come up with lyrics, i need help on this one...
its called imagination...just think of whatever comes to your mind...
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There will always be people that'll like the lyrics, and those that won't =P

When your starting out, the ratio will be a little heavy on the "won't", but with some practice you can even it out =)

It helps me to think of it like poetry. You want to avoid cliche's like the Plague. NEVER sing about a girl you're into or heartache. Trust me on this.

There's tricks to it. Metaphors and things. Personification. Really, search online for an english website with some poetry terms on there. They'll give you a root to grow from =)
Just write, and write, and write, and write, and write. Then write some more.

After all that, your lyrics will still be s**t, so do some more writing.

Then one day, you'll suddenly realise you're not rubbish any more...
what i like to do is come up with the song first, the rythm not the solo i make the solo last. then play the song for yourself and just write from there i find it easier to write with the music just because u get the mood of the song. hope that helps
I come up with a line that appears out of the blue, usually at night when I can't sleep, or I heard during the day first, sometimes make a list of words that rhyme, fit a couple of lines together.

I come up with the music independently, like "hey this new riff would sound good with so and so kinda lyrics" then go back to my battered up exercise book and find some segments that work.

The sad truth is, most of the time the audience don't have a clue what the singer's on about anyway.
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