So I got this old used Peavey Bass, and I've been trying to learn slap from internet lessons, like on Youtube and stuff, but no matter what I do, it just doesn't sound right. It sounds kind of dead or flat or something. Anyways, could this be because that strings are ancient, or do you need a certain kind of bass or something? Oh, and I've played guitar for a couple years so i somewhat know what I'm doing.
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try new strings yea, but its really mostly technique
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oh I forgot to add that it makes a really loud clicking noise too. I know its supposed to click a little, but still
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You're probably not taking your thumb away quickly enough. You have to bounce off the string right after you hit it, that was you get a good percussive sound.
the amp that you are using might not project the sound right, I played this amp my school had and slapped the e string and it just made this really low sound that I had no idea what to compare it to. put that into consideration as well, but make sure your technique is right before blaming the equipment.

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