I've wanted to start a band for about 4 years but I haven't been able to find any musicians that were interested. But finally I found the last 2 members I was looking for: a bassist and a drummer. What I'm wondering is how do I go about booking shows and stuff like that. There is this club here that usually takes in a few newer bands every month but other than clubs and bars, does anyone know of good places to play to get your name known?
my advice to you is to like what Zcho said, worry about songs and a solid set. a lot of the better venues will ask for a demo of your band, so you might want to try booking into a local recording studio, or find a way of recording your sweet sweet sound!

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Find a place where you can play(large basement?) and invite a few other bands to play.
Worry about shows later. Get a good set in order first, some covers and originals. I'd try and get about 45 minutes of songs learned/written, you play most shows with that, you can always learn more or take some out.
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Find a place where you can play(large basement?) and invite a few other bands to play.

A lot of people don't know what they're getting into when they play a show at a place that isn't a proper venue. You have to provide drinks, worry about the cops getting called for noise, provide bathrooms, worry about people stealing ****, security, etc.
Like most people have said, get your stuff together and make sure you have a good set down really tight. But, that doesn't mean you can't take a proactive approach to trying to get gigs while you prepare for them. Go out and hit the local spots where bands play, and scout out the environment, see what the staff at the places are like, and just start making connections. Let people know that you're going to have a band ready to gig, build some goodwill and trust among the local music hotspots, and then, when you're ready to gig, make some kind of demo tape that you can hand to your contacts.

It'll help if you know the venues you could play at, and if you know the people in them, that'll just give you a kickstart.

But remember, if you start trying to gig before you're ready as a band, you'll just set yourselves back. It's better to delay a gig and make sure you're perfectly ready to play it than to play it and not perform at your best.

Good luck, buddy.
Set up you're whole band on the back of a truck and drive through the city gigging on the back of the truck. LOL. Look for ads in newspapers and try to find other bands from your area and ask them where they gig and try to get an "interview".
dont play shows until you guys can play perfectly in your garage! Dont just improvise on stage no matter how good you guys are. My band mindpunch hasn't played a single show yet, because we want to be absolutely perfect. We have even turned down shows at prestigious venues... Even the famous chain reaction where the mars Volta played their very first show.

Weve been practicing an average of 20 hours a week for the last 7 months and we still arent ready! Granted we are trying to write some really great material...

I guess what I'm trying to say is the music is so important, focus purely on the music first.
Get used to playing with each other before you start gigging. My band formed about 3 years ago and did our first gig only about 2 years ago.