howdy, right now im in the market for something new. the gear i have now isnt bad, but ive had it for a couple years now and feel its time to upgrade. im either looking to get a new guitar or a new amp. i really like my strat, but as of now it doesnt seem to fit my playing style. i like heavy metal (anything from Metallica to All That Remains) and want a guitar that i can shred on. on the other hand, i have heard mixed reviews on my amp, a crate gtd65. i dont have any problems with it, but a few people have said i should look into a better amp before i get a new guitar. so im just asking for opinions, guitar or amp?

i really want to get a schecter c-1 classic if i get a new guitar, but i dont know about amps so suggestions are welcome. my budget for a new amp would be able to go up to $850 and i would want a tube amp

thanks in advance
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that amp isn't that bad really, if I were you I'd get the guitar, and If you're into metal I'd definitely forego the classic and go with a hellraiser instead.
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Your amp should be fine, id look at the schecter c-1.

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Another idea: get that Randal I linked, and you're left with change to make your Strat HSS or HH. Drop some SD's, DiMarzios, or even EMG's if that's your flavour, and you're set.
Sit down and ask yourself what you're happy with. If you're happy with your guitar get an amp, and vice versa. So if you have no issues with your amp, f*ck what everyone else says and get the guitar. Easy.
i haven't seen that many reviews of crate amps here. I've had a GFX212 since '98 or so and I've been pretty happy with it (a little quirky at really low volumes though).
haha cj i dont think anyone could have said it better

how hard would it be to convert my strat into an HH setup?
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I believe most Strats are routed for HSH. You just need to buy the pickups and a new pickguard, or have your pickguard cut. EMG sells some nice pre-made pickguard/pickup/electronic sets. That would probably be the easiest solution. A set with an EMG 81/85 should be fine. I wish they had a set of 81/60. That would be ideal.
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where would i be able to find that pickguard set?
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