so a couple months back my uncle gave me an Epi Les Paul special because he doesn't play and he said that it should be worth quite a lot. Now i didn't believe him because i know that the special's are crap and sell brand new for around £130. i had a look on the epi website to check the serial but it went to a gibson support line so i'm not sure if that was meant to happen or not, but i'm getting off the point. when i checked the serial as far as i could gather it turns out that it was made in the early 80's in a factory in the US. do you guys reckon that this is possible and if it could be worth anything? i'm poor and need some money

oh and i had a look at a picture of a LP special II and this special that i have and the only difference i can find is that the LP II says special II on the truss rod cover whereas mine says Gibson, i don't know if that is really relevant though.
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Cheap guitars back in the 80s were alot better than cheap guitars today. Is it an epi special or a gibson special. The LP junior looks roughly the same to. There values will be very different. And you said its american made. You need a pic or more info.