Got the guitar center sales thing in the mail today. Been thinking about investing in a cheap bass starter pack recently, is this a good one to go with? (I'm mainly interested because of the price tag)

oh, i guess my styles will be death/thrash/black/doom/heavy/power metal
Dean basses arn't known for their amazingness, infact I havn't ever really heard anything about them. Look through the cataloge and see if they have a ESP LTD B-10 pack, because thats the only start bass (except the Squire Affinity) tha I have acctualy liked, I only played it because the guy in the Bass Centre didn't seem to trust me with any of the Warwicks lol, but I acctualy quite liked it.
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The Dean Starter Pack is quite possibly the largest pile of **** I've ever laid hands on.
I got one for my first bass, two years ago. It holds up. It's not the best, but it's not that bad. It's light, the neck isn't real fat, and the humbucker isn't awful. If you just want something to **** around on, go for it. I played two shows with it, now I just keep it in D and play it when my Jazz bass is elsewhere.
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