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As the thread title says, it's being slow as hell..

I asked some other people in chat and they're getting it too.

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I don't notice it at all and have never done so either. maybe you are behind some strange firewall or anything strange and/or share your connection with other computers?
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Yeah its slow.
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Yeah, I just thought it was my internet.

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^ I thought the same thing at first, but it's only UG that's been slow for me. I cleared my cookies and everything, still slow.
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Yeah, & I've been getting a lot of 504 Gateway Timeouts.
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All good for me.
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UG is always slow for me... Today is good, my fasterfox icon tells me the page loading time is 10 seconds. (That's good for UG) BTW i turn off my firewalls and virus scanners all the time.
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It has been really slow for me the past couple days. I keep getting these time out messages like every 5 minutes or so. Also, the slow pace of UG has been constant this time and not spontaneous.

Stepcodit: The time out error happened has I posted this.
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What happened with me is it would say done in the bottom, but the screen would be completely white.

Its fine right now though
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It's painfully slow for me, aswell. All other sites are good speed, but I get a lot of 504's on here, started not too long ago.
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I get 504's rather often now. Only the last couple of days.
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Its painfully slow sometimes

On the brightside, it gives me time to reflect.
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It has been like this for over a month for me. But now I really want to complain with all the timeouts I've been getting. It's a custom now for me to click on the Pit or my profile and go and do something else for ten minutes.
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yep slow loads and occasionally 504s. are the russians being sober again because guys we need you to drink some of your magical working juice (vodka) and possibly have a looksie? Please *does puppy dog eyes*