I read one of the lessons and it explained how the name of chords mean something and why certain chords sound good together. I didn't get it at all and was wondering why certain chords go together. Is it like like all A chords go together or that like all minior chords go together??? if anyone could explain this to me it would be great. please and thank you
They're most likely in the same key. Note that some chords are in two keys, so you can change key.
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Say a song goes in C major, which scale consists of C, D, E, F, G, A and B. It's pretty logical that all chords that contain notes in the C major scale would fit together.

C E G = C major
D F A = D minor
E G B = E minor
F A C = F major
G B D = G major
A C E = A minor
B D F = B diminished

This means all these chords will "fit together", because they all consist of notes purely from the C major scale. Unless you play ALL of these chords, though, it might fit into other scales as well. And any song that is C major can also be A minor because every major scale has a minor scale consisting of the same notes, and vice-versa.
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It means that the notes making up a chord will be a part of a particular scale. Any other chords which contain notes of that same scale will sound good with it (not always great but most basic chords in the key will).

Not all A chords will sound good together and not all minor chords go together because no matter what, they will still have notes in a different key.
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