All the pros have such a strong stage presence and stance when they perform standing.
How do I get that sort of stage presence?
Supreme confidence in your own playing abilities and knowing that you're going to do well. Notice I said knowing, not thinking.
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I think when you first wear a guitar on a strap, you look awkward. But after a while, your body gets used to it being there.
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It's not something you should think about. Keep playing with a strap and you will, as AznElliot518 said, get more used to the feel of it. The stage presence that a lot of these guitarists have comes when they're playing their own songs. You'll ALWAYS enjoy playing your own songs a lot more if you're on stage with a band, and it always shows.
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All you have to do is practice standing up playing and don't try to do anything let the music follow through your body and let it move you. Get into the music so you can get into a performce
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