do i have to bias my amp if i switch pre-amp tubes? for example, if i want from 12ax7 to ecee8 tubes would i have to bias my amp?
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Maybe I'm wrong, but are't they the same tube?
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where the hell did u get "ecee8"??? isn't it ECC83? if it is ECC83, it's the same kind of tube.
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Yeah, it's the same tube. Why'd you make two threads, one about power tubes and one about preamp? Wouldn't it just make sense to make one or just read the sticky at the top of this forum...?
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It would be hard to know for sure what the thread starter is talking about. ECC83 is the European designation for the triode known by the American code of 12AX7. ECC82 is a 12AU7, and ECC81 is a 12AT7. Could be any of those with the TS's question.