a song i did at the end of the summer its my first song and i put it up on youtube.
about a girl who is close to me sorta made it up in about 20 mins and it just flowed for some reason.
its my first origional song so take a look and i hope u enjoy it a bit at least hehe



ps. sorry for postin it in the wrong form first :S
"Through every dark night there is a bright day after that so no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep your head up, and handle it."
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Its ok, its sorta repetative you need to alternate how you sing the verses so they dont all stay at the same tone. But other then that not bad.
oh and, Stay away from capos! they are evil. lol.. not that they arnt usefull but for solo stuff i think they are lame.

thanks guys!
for crash i thought it sounded better with the capo n my voice lol but i think i agree with you aboutthe verses thanks!!

"Through every dark night there is a bright day after that so no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep your head up, and handle it."
Nice, i listened to it with great pleasure. For the chors progression it might not be the most original but hey, aren't the best songs made out of somthing 4 chords. Like your voice also sounds great.

Keep on the pace!
Nice...But very general and like everything popular right now so...

Maybe be a more original.

Vocals: 7/10 Okay. Not great but not out of tune. Decent.
Guitar 7/10 On rhythm but very general.
Lyrics 5/10 Unoriginal, like everyone elses.

Most people would give this a 9/10 but I give it a 7/10 because its still just so like everyone elses.

You have potential but find your own style man.
wow a really great acoustic piece. the emotions in the song r all over the place. u r quite a good singer. keep it up, u got some good stuff here.
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i like the song. the vocals were pretty good. they could use more expression. the guitar was pretty good, a bit boring, but you did it live, so fair enough. lyrics were decent, if a little cliche

thanks for the crit.
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A good solid acoustic track. I quite enjoyed it even though it's not the most original track. You've got a good voice on you but I would've liked to hear a bit more emotion. Still, good song
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the quality of the guitar sounds really good...as for the song the chord progression is pretty basic but thats not necessarily bad...just common. i sort of feel like if you're going to have a very basic song on the guitar you need to have a vocal melody that stands out a little more. but this is very good especially considering its your first song. haha it is 20 times better than my first one. your voice is pretty good as well...i can see people enjoying this song. thanks a lot for the comment on mine.