Im just curious if anyone here goes to Berkley in Boston, Mass. I would really love to go there someday. I might wait another year or so and get better before I try and attend.
My dad went there back in the 70's, he was in the same class as vai....I went to the guitar summer sessions a couple summers ago, it reminded me that eventhough I think im decent at the guitar, there are so many otherppl out there who are like 1000 times better than me lol....the classes were taught by berk. professors who were all rly cool.
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people have different tastes. for example, i like good music, u like your dad's testicles.

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Ack my bad. Just sounds like a Y would be there so im used to typing it like that.
For berkee, it's like ranked as a top school in the music, lined up with Julliard but those might not be the only one. It's tough to get inside them, but with perfect practice and a successful audition to the school, Dream door Number one is opened.

Hope you get in.
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I really want to go there. I have at least 2 more years so I think I can get pretty decent for it.
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