i have a crappy metal master warlock and the headstock is way to heavy.so when i stand up it tilts down, making it a bitch to play....any suggestions for good guitar straps to get rid of this problem is much appreciated. im willing to spend 50$....maybe a little more.

just go to a guitar store and buy any decent leather strap
or just get a new guitar
i don't think i've heard of a guitar strap that would do that.

maybe i'm wrong...
no, if your guitar is head-heavy, the strap cant fix it, but you can get dimarzio clip locks if you want to. they own

Hey threadstarter, when I first bought my Ibanez Iceman I had the same problem and I fixed by buying a nice large and thick leather strap.
A wide leather strap will offer alot more grip than a thin nylon will. My LP was the same way and seemed alot heavier. But went and got a nice wide leather strap that is rough on the underside and works alot better. Now my LP stays right where I want it and doesnt seem to slide toward the headstock all the time.
Yeah, the strap won't help the balance issue. If you're determined to keep that guitar, & I know this sounds dumb, but will work: Take out the strap holder on the neck side & mount it with a screw that's an inch or so longer, & install spacers/washers in between to fill the extra gap (extending outward the point where the strap grips the guitar on the neck side). This won't look that bad if you do it right, but the extra inch of length will help balance it out.
For a strap lock, I like the Planet Waves ratchet-lock straps because they'll lock onto just about any guitar w/ no added hardware.
Good luck!
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It's a sad sad day for guitarists when someone can't buy a strap without consulting UG first.
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Go to a hardware store and buy the thickest chain you can find... then fashion that into a guitar strap with carabiners and replace your strap buttons with hoops...

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It's a sad sad day for guitarists when someone can't buy a strap without consulting UG first.

uhm, why shouldn't he ask for advice first? theres noghing wrong with that, right?